Lyncy Liu
Founder of Asian American Singles Club

History and Purpose by Lyncy Liu, Founder

Lyncy Liu came to America from China in 1995 and started the Asian & American Singles Club on August, 1997. Her personal search led her to set up this club after understanding the bountiful environment for those wishing to meet someone special. She believes there are many singles with traditional values and viewpoints, eager to meet like-minded people. It is an opportunity for you to discover true love and happiness in a quality relationship. She operates this service under a caring, loving manner guided to those truly seeking a happy future. If you’re seeking an opportunity to find a healthy, loving, happy union then it’s up to you to investigate the Asian & Amerivcan Singles Club. In fact, our history and purpose have brought about many successful marriages between Asian and American singles as a result of our introductory matches.

Our Philosophy

We believe in traditional family values, which includes respect for each other in a giving relationship. A loving union not only based on self-centered attitiudes and selfish beliefs. Strong social ties to family, friend and loved ones as found in the Asian community combined with the care and respect found in the American community. Many studies give proof to the long-term health benefits found in close human ties or happy unions and this is the ultimate goal and philosophy of our club.

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